10 Reasons to Strength Train.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned that my current goal is to put on lean muscle mass through strength training. I’m not trying to bulk up body builder style or anything. I just want to be more toned and athletic looking–like the Nike Ads that so inspire me! A lot of women over look strength training as a part of their regular exercise regime. However, no matter what  your fitness goals may be, it’s very important to incorporate strength training into your weekly workouts.

10 Reasons to Strength Train:

1. To preserve muscle mass. Women around age 30 begin to lose lean muscle mass & both women and men will experience further decline in muscle mass by age 40. Strength training helps prevent this!

2. By increasing muscle mass you will burn more calories at rest. For example: 1 lb of muscle burns 35-50 calories at rest vs. 1 lb of fat  that burns 3-5 calories. You read that right, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn!

3. Helps increase flexibility & balance

4. Increasing lean muscle mass helps get rid of visceral fat, which reduces heart disease.

5. Strengthens core, which in return strengthens your entire body including your spine.

6. Helps reduce inches (weight) all over the body.

7. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

8. Helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

9. Increases muscle tone & definition.

10. Helps  reduce injury risk.  Also increases ability to absorb impact forces thus reducing joint stress.

The above is true for both men & women. Women don’t be afraid to strength train! You will not bulk up, unless you intend to do so!

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